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The “B” Shirt

The B shirt

"When I was having that alphabet soup, I never thought that it would pay off."

-- Vanna White


The "B" Shirt


According to the National Day Calendar, there are 26 different observations that March holds. This list includes National Women's History Month, National Kidney month, and the more fun ones like National Craft Month and...National Noodle Month!


I'm obsessed with noodles. Any kind of pasta, really, but noodles in particular are held dear in my heart. My late grandfather was Polish and made the most incredible noodles from scratch - they were so good that family members would literally be climbing over each other to try and get the biggest bag of noodles to take home after a visit. 


Even though I use that website frequently to check on daily/monthly observances (today is National Banana Cream Pie Day, FYI...also, happy birthday to Dr. Seuss!) it doesn't happen to mention what Chicken's school is claiming March to be, which is National Reading Month.


To be fair to Chicken's school, which I have been so happy with so far, my guess is that they are basing the entire month off of the fact that Dr. Seuss' birthday is today - March 2 - and therefore given the official observance name as National Read Across America Day, so I won't get too hung up on it.


Regardless of who officially says it is so, Chicken's school is celebrating National Reading Month, and they sent home a calendar that shows all the various ways the school will be celebrating National Reading Month throughout March.


Today is the first school day in March which means the first day to celebrate National Reading month, so it's a biggie. The kiddos were invited to bring their favorite book to school and dress up as their favorite character.


As a crafty/artsy mom, this idea would normally thrill me and I would come up with some kind of elaborate costume for Chicken to show off based off of her favorite book.


But being that I realized only yesterday morning as to how today was going to be celebrated at her school - and that I honestly don't know what her favorite book is, or even IF she has a specific favorite - I pulled three books off her shelf that I figured could make for the easiest last-minute costume creation. Of the three, she chose "The B Book".


After some quick brainstorming, I figured that instead of picking a specific character out of the book, I could choose the book's primary character, which was - in my opinion - the letter B.


Off to Michael's to grab supplies I went, buying a youth plain white T-shirt and felt fabrics in various bright colors. I cut out a bunch of B's out of the felt and used fabric glue to adhere them onto the shirt, thus creating a way for Chicken to become the letter B.


I did this all last night.


Unfortunately, I tend to have a hard time settling with something simple when it comes to my creativity - which I don't necessarily consider to be "unfortunate," necessarily. That creativity trait really only becomes unfortunate when there is a lack of adequate time to get a project done. So even though I had all the letter B's successfully attached to the shirt and it was bright and colorful and as it was at that point, sufficient enough to be Chicken's official costume, I looked things over and thought it needed...more.


So into the late night, there I was adding glitter glue and sequins all over the "B shirt," not only making the B's stand out even more than they already did, but also using the glitter glue to decorate the shirt's collar with tiny little lower case B' - I loved it and knew that Chicken would too.


I laid it out to dry, happy with my last minute creative costume creation.


I did this all last night.

B Shirt Chaos

This morning I came out to the living room to double check on the shirt to ensure the glittery glue had dried overnight, only to find that not only had the glue not dried, but it was in fact basically as goopy/sloppy as it was when I made it.


I realized the wet glitter situation at 7am this morning, and I had to leave the house to take Chicken to school around 8:15...and I Freaked. Out.


While considering what options I possibly had (try to wipe off all the sequins and glue somehow?) I googled "how to dry glitter glue quickly" and picked using a blow dryer as my best option.


I didn't eat breakfast, I didn't make coffee...instead, I plopped my a** down on the cold bathroom floor, holding the warm/hot blow dryer a foot away from the shirt and prayed to all the Gods that this would work.


The blow dryer ended up drying the glue successfully, taking 40 minutes - which was enough time to adequately freak me out but also feel like a rock star at the same time. I'm the master Momma! I dried glitter glue with no time to spare so that my daughter could have an awesome B shirt to wear to school! Go ME! I RULE OVER GLITTER GLUE!

I'm in my mid-later 30's and I feel as though I'm learning more lessons than I ever did in my early school-age years. This morning was one more lesson learned: when there is a mere 7 hours before a creative project needs to be finished and DRY, avoid glitter glue. Stick with the simple.


For now, I'll sit back and enjoy the rest of today basking in the fact that I successfully climbed to the summit of the glitter glue mountain, and that my darling Chicken was able to wear proudly the best "B shirt" I could possibly imagine less than 24 hours.



B shirt - back
B shirt - front

-- love & light --


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