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Friendship is in town


"Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship."

-- Dorothy Rothschild Parker

There is nothing like a best friend.


Yesterday, one of my best friends in the worlds arrived to our home to visit for a few days. It's a long overdue visit, the last one being over 16+ months ago, my friend at that time being pregnant with her first child.


I've been friends with Sara now since 2008, and we instantly connected as friends. Our first girlfriend date consisted of us mowing down those delicioussss peach sugar gummy candy ring things (mmmm, so peachy!) and watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks. (Yes, we were in our early/mid 20' what?)


We share a love for candy, movies from our younger days, art, and oh. my. God. do we laugh.


I think laughter has been the biggest part of "us" that has sustained us over the years. The first six of our relationship were spent in Chicago, either living in the same apartment, building, or within walking distance of each other. But growing up sometimes means moving apart, and we are now a timezone away from each other - she's central, I'm eastern - and in-person visits are few and far between.


I liked the quote by Dorothy Rothschild Parker to describe my friendship with Sara because even though there is physical distance between us - and sometimes a fair amount of time in between catching up - the two of us have managed to stay in "constant use."


We check in with each other. And we know each other so well that no matter the time/distance, when we do get to connect, aside from the countless life stories we have to share with each other, it's as though no time has passed. We are kindred spirits, with a never-ending flow of laughter always running, just as a river flows with endless water.


My Sara traveled through wind, snow, rain, and through the always/never busy I-94 to get to me yesterday. She powered through because she knew as well as I did that we desperately need these upcoming days together. She brought her son with her who is now almost 15 months old, and most importantly she brought with her the warm, fuzzy comfort that only a best friend can offer.


Our friendship is in town.


I'm moving forward. I'm powering through. I'm straightening my ship and sailing onward to health and wellness that I haven't seen in years. And that journey gets to begin with my Sara at my house for a few days.


...where we will laugh and laugh and laugh. Love on each other, but oh, so much laughter.


I'm blessed to have her - a friendship that is "constantly used" - one that will most definitely last a lifetime as long as things keep going the way they've been these last 12 years.


omg 12 years...old. getting olderrrr...


...and still eating those peach rings and watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Some things never get old.

-- love & light --


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