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Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

"I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake."

-- Mitch Hedberg


Birthday Celebrations


The Huzbo introduced me to the one-liner comedian Mitch Hedberg, so it's only fitting to quote him on one of the three most special days in our little family -- a birthday! His birthday, to be specific.


Chicken has always enjoyed birthdays -- it may stem from the INSANELY LARGE first birthday we had for her, I honestly don't know.


Wherever the birthday love comes from, that love is INTENSE and PASSIONATE...and exhausting.


It's 7:20am on the Huzbo's birthday morning as I write this. Chicken was up and out of her bedroom at 5am. After we got through the usual, "Good morning"s and "how did you sleep?"s get out of the way, the first thing out of Chicken's mouth:


"Mom-Mom WHEN are we going to start getting ready for Dadda's birthday?!"


This was probably around 5:05am, definitely no later than 5:10.


*deep breaths* 


The Huzbo will most definitely be celebrated - INTENSELY and PASSIONATELY celebrated today...and I will most definitely be exhausted today.


But all is well, I mean, the exhaustion is all in the name of BIRTHDAYS, right?


Worth it. 😉

-- love & light --


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